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Sketches from Birmingham Comicon

Posted by kyalesyin on 2007.10.17 at 09:16
Got these done at the weekend. Figured they probably belonged here.

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I missed you; Ult!Angel/Dazzler
Posted by betterthanlegos on 2007.03.06 at 16:31
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Thought I'd post some Sage scans from the latest New Excalibur..

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Posted by nerulean on 2006.12.04 at 16:30
Hi all!

I am not yet a Sage fan, but I want to be! I've been asked to play her on an RPG, but unfortunately I live in England where it's easier to get blood from a stone than to find a comic book. I've dug around a plenty on the internet and I've got a fairly conclusive picture of her background and her powers, but I know nothing about her personality. I was wondering if anyone out there could point me to any fanfic or comic scans that they think expresses Sage's personality particularly well, or even attempt a description of her personality for me that I could build on? I'd be much obliged, and will repay later with icons, since once I become a fan of someone I make icons in large quantities!

Thanks a bunch!

I missed you; Ult!Angel/Dazzler
Posted by betterthanlegos on 2006.11.18 at 23:53
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I missed you; Ult!Angel/Dazzler
Posted by betterthanlegos on 2006.11.17 at 11:39
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Just thought I'd post some Sage scans from some of my x-force issues.

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sage alone

15 Sage Icons

Posted by leafeelebeau on 2006.10.15 at 00:05
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15 out of 100 Sage icons challenge for xmen_100icons


Fake-cut::The rest are over at my LJ

BTW, this is also Uncanny_Sage. Sorry I waited a while to post this challenge here... kept slipping my mind...

I missed you; Ult!Angel/Dazzler
Posted by betterthanlegos on 2006.10.15 at 03:54
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Some Images Of Sage

Posted by uncanny_sage on 2006.10.07 at 23:24
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Some images of Sage in case anyone decide to make icons, wallpapers, etc using Sage... These images were scanned by myself... so if you do use it, comment here. Advertising this community would also be nice. =]. I'll try getting a banner up soon.

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Welcome Fellow Sage Fans!

Posted by uncanny_sage on 2006.09.10 at 02:45
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I'd like to welcome anyone who'd joined this community, I believe it's the first ever Sage communities on LiveJournal.com. Anyway, the purpose of this place is for fans to show off their fan work. ^_^. If you don't know how to do that, then please do read the rules.

If you'd like to introduce yourself before posting anything else, go right ahead. Please be sure to read the rules on the community's profile (once I have it set up).

NOTE: I have deleted the rules, I shall rewrite them another time.