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Cybernetic Sage

Sage: The lone Cyberpath

Sage: The Lone Cyberpath
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Sage: The Lone Cyberpath
This is an LJ community dedicated to the former Hellfire Club member and X-Men (or X.S.E.) known as Sage, now a member of the New Excalibur. This community is where all the Sage fans can unite and talk and share our interests of Sage. Wallpaper, icons, fan fictions, fan art, photo manipulation, and much more are welcomed, as long as it's Sage-related or has Sage in it. But make sure they're all under an LJ-Cut...

Simple Rules
1. Ranting are allowed, but starting a fight with someone is out of the question.
2. Only join if you're a fan of Sage or think you're turning into one.
3. Please keep the topic you are posting under an lj-cut. Icons, wallpaper, fan fiction, etc.
4. A small preview is allowed outside of the lj-cut. Although, only 3 or less icons are permitted to be outside the cut.
5. Advertisements are allowed, but post something Sage-related to make it legal, i.e. an icon, wallpaper, spoilers, etc.
6. Requests are welcomed.
7. That's all for now. =]

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